Thessaloniki Food Guide

thessaloniki food guide

Thessaloniki Food Guide

Thessaloniki food guide will give you a list with what you should definitely try while in Thessaloniki.

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. The pure ingredients that are used for the dishes, are coming from the blessed Greek land. Olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, wine, cheese, meat (red and white) create these unique characteristics that define the quality and the originality of each cuisine.

If you decide to explore Greece by visiting many different places, then you will certainly be amazed by the beauty of the landscape and the architecture because it differs from place to place. The same thing happens with food. Different dishes in every new destination you reach each time.

Bougatsa with Frappe

Start your day as Thessalonians do. Visit one of the many shops that serve it fresh from early in the morning and order Bougatsa with cream, sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar, or choose the one with more salted filling, like cheese or minced meat. Combined it with cold Frappe and you will enjoy the breakfast that makes Thessalonians proud of.

thessaloniki food guide

Gyros and Souvlaki

You probably already know these famous Greek delicacies. But maybe you don’t know that the best gyros is in Thessaloniki. Hands down! The Thessalonians serve this food differently, compared to how Athenians or other places in Greece do. The portion here is beyond doubt more generous!

thessaloniki food guide

Bouyiourdi with Beer or Tsipouro

Don’t miss to try this spicy and cheesy meal, originated in Thessaloniki. You’ll find it hard to wait for this dish to cool down before you dig in! It is like fondue, but in a Greek way! Bouyiourdi is cooked in a clay pottery in the oven, including in its recipe all the main Greek ingredients, such as Feta cheese and Kasseri, spicy and fresh green cow-horn pepper, tomatoes, oregano and olive oil. It is served with a cold beer or Tsipouro (a traditional pomace brandy, which comes in two types: pure or anise-flavored) and a slice of good bread. Bouyiourdi will certainly warm your soul!

thessaloniki food guide

Soutzoukakia Smyrneika (Smyrna meatballs)

This dish was brought by Greek immigrants who came from Turkey about a hundred years ago. Originated in Smyrna (now Izmir in Turkey), these meatballs will take you to a trip on the oriental side of the Greek cuisine. They are made with minced meat (usually beef, or a mixture of beef and pork), bread crumbs, egg, garlic, and parsley, and generously spiced with cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. The tomato sauce has tomato, wine, onion, garlic, a bay-leaf, salt and pepper, and olive oil.

thessaloniki food guide

Greek coffee with spoon sweets or Greek Loukoumi

Greek coffee is similar to Turkish. It is strong, bitter and made with a traditional method of preparing unfiltered coffee. It is roasted in Copper/brass briki coffee pot. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll find a traditional Greek cafe where they still roast it in ember or in hot sand! Because of its bitterness, it is served along with spoon sweets (cherries, oranges, apples, kumquats, apricots, grapefruits and many more) or Greek Loukoumi (similar to Turkish delights). A great choice of coffee before you start your afternoon!

thessaloniki food guide thessaloniki food guide

Trigona Panoramatos (Phyllo Triangle Pastries with Custard)

Crispy, golden, buttery phyllo triangles soaked in syrup and filled with the most rich and creamy custard. Trigona, which mean triangles in Greek, is a regional speciality from Panorama, a district in Thessaloniki, from where they get their name. Imagine the crunchy phyllo melting in your mouth and bending with the taste of syrup and cream, absolutely divine and worth every minute of preparation!

thessaloniki food guide

We hope you liked our Thessaloniki Food Guide! If you wish a food tour or any kind of suggestions on where to eat, feel free to contact us! See us on our next post!

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