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Airport Transfers

Airport Thessaloniki transfer services from and to all major airports in Greece. Book your taxi transfer with no prepayment. With our comfortable vehicles you can enjoy a safe and reliable private transportation to any location. Either you choose a car or a minivan, our professional drivers will take you with comfort to your desired destination.

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Dion Tour

Dion Day Tour: Home of Gods – Dion, the religious center of ancient Macedonia, is today an archaeological park of exceptional beauty.

You will visit the museum, where you will see a vast number of statues, vessels, coins and a unique find: the ‘hydraulis’ from the 1st century B.C., a musical instrument which was the forerunner of the church organ of the West. Continuing south, we will pass by Litochoro village, the last inhabited area before the ascent on Olympus Mount with stone built traditional houses and then drive up to the first shelter on Mount Olympus. At an altitude of 944 meters you will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of the Thermaic gulf and the Pieria plain.

mount olympus dion tour transfer thessaloniki airport chalkidiki olympus dion day tour
mount olympus dion tour transfer chalkidiki thessaloniki airport taxi olympus dion day tour


  • Visit the well preserved ruins of ancient city of Dion
  • See the sacrificial altar of Zeus
  • Learn the fascinating story of the Pantheon of the Greek gods
  • Visit Mount Olympus and take some amazing photos

⇒ Prices start from 220€. The tour package includes:

  • Transfer from your location to the archaeological site of Dion
  • Tour guide
  • Transfer back to your location

* The ticket to the museum and the archaeological site is not included (8€ per ticket).


If you wish to book the Dion day tour, please to contact us via our contact form.

Check also our Mount Olympus Hiking Service. Learn more here.

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Halkidiki Tour

Halkidiki Day Tour: This tour is going to show you the birthplace of Aristotle in ancient Stagira, one of the most important philosophers in antiquity. Ancient Stagira is located in Halkidiki on a lonely bluff jutting out into the Aegean. You’ll find impressive ruins of the walls of ancient Stagira. You’ll also see the fortification wall – really quite impressive, some foundations of classical houses, the Agora, a citadel and the tower remains with its mosaic floor. Halkidiki day tour can offer you a refreshing trip that can be done with the whole family and they will love you for it.

halkidiki tour stagira tour halkidiki day tour

halkidiki tour service halkidiki day tour

Halkidiki Day Tour: Sights to Visit

The Aristotle’s Park

A unique theme park in Halkidiki, located in the historical village of Stagira. The wonderful location is at an altitude of about 500 meters and it has a great view to the gulf of Ierissos. The statue of Aristotle was made in the honor of the great philosopher who was born in Ancient Stagira. Also, one can find some interesting instruments placed in front of the statue of Aristotle and around the park, like compass, telescope, prism, sun clock, water turbine, lens, pentaphone and more. Some of them have symbolic meaning and some other are there to give a playful perspective to the area. The compass, for example, symbolizes that Aristotle’s philosophy has reached every part of the world, and is a starting point of modern scientific thought, and belongs to humanity. It displays the direction and distance of the most famous cities in the world, in relation to the park. The telescope is placed in specific spots, in order the visitor to enjoy the fantastic view to the Ierissos gulf. It is definitely a worth visiting location.

halkidiki tour service transfer thessaloniki airport taxi transfer halkidiki day tour

Petralona Cave: Findings of a primitive man

Next you can visit the prehistoric Petralona cave, where you can see beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The big size of the cave, as well as the beauty in it, will definitely amaze you. The most important though is the findings of a primitive man, which are exhibited at the Paleontological Museum, located only a few steps away from the cave.

halkidiki tour service petralona cave tour transfer thessaloniki airport halkidiki day tour

petralona cave tour transfer thessaloniki airport halkidiki day tour

Zygou Monastery

Zygou Monastery is located just outside the limits of Mount Athos, in Fragoskastro. A very old Athonite monastery which was founded in the early 10th century and was destroyed just before 1198. Many findings from the excavations are still very well preserved and displayed to the public. The most important findings are a Mosaic floor, marble of excellent craftsmanship, an oil mill complex, three lead seals of the 11th century, book shutters, bronze medals, knives, coins and some other small findings, all a good example of Byzantine architecture and culture.

halkidiki tour halkidiki day tour

halkidiki tour halkidiki day tour

Contact us and we will organize for you the best Halkidiki day tour!

Lake Kerkini Eco Tour

Lake Kerkini Tour offers you the opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure. With our skilled partners, who operate many years now at lake Kerkini, we can prepare for you a memorable itinerary with numerous activities.

Greece is a land of unbelievable beauty and diversity. Although most of its terrain is mountainous and semi-mountainous, the endless coastline and the numerous islands in the Greek archipelago, make this country so different. Besides the sea water, a source of life for Greeks, there are important wetlands which are protected by the Ramsar Convention. One of those is Lake Kerkini.

Lake Kerkini is situated in Northern Greece and is considered to be one of the most important wetlands in Europe. It is also one of Europe’s top bird watching destinations, while about 300 bird species have been observed here. It sustains a rich population of birds in regards to the number and variety, including rare and endangered species.

lake kerkini eco tour thessaloniki airport halkidiki chalkidiki taxi transfer transportation cheap low cost

Surrounded by Mounts Belles and Mavrovouni and at just 40 km from the town of Serres and 100 km from Thessaloniki, lake Kerkini is a rare example of fine human intervention in a superb natural landscape.

Enjoy this bird-watching paradise all year long, by booking yourself and your family an Eco-tour experience. While there you can combine various outdoor activities that will refresh your mind and soothe your soul. Choose from a plethora of exciting activities and explore the wide range of experiences that lake Kerkini can offer to its visitors.

lake kerkini eco tour thessaloniki airport halkidiki chalkidiki taxi transfer transportation cheap low cost

Lake Kerkini Tour plan includes:

  1. A transfer from your location to the lake and back
  2. Participation to all the activities or the ones you specifically want

We suggest:

  • Boat ride on the lake for bird-watching
  • Canoeing
  • Horseback riding
  • Archery
  • Biking along the lake
  • 4×4 off-roading
  • Hiking in the footpaths of the area’s mountain range

Contact us via our contact form and share with us your desired tour plan to lake Kerkini and we will answer you promptly with our offer.

Meteora Tour

Meteora Tour: World’s cultural heritage – A trip to Meteora offers the unique experience of nature’s grandeur in conjunction with history, architecture and man’s everlasting desire to connect with the Divine. This magic place will make you feel awe.

The most interesting is that on these vertical cliffs stand historical monasteries that were built by monks. Only 6 of them have made it through the centuries, from an initial estimated number of 24, mostly dating to the 14th and until the 16th century.

meteora tour thessaloniki kalambaka transfer

Meteora are perched above the town of Kalambaka (Thessaly), at a maximum height of 400 m (1200 ft). They are easily accessible by car and just three hours drive away from Thessaloniki airport or city.

It’s a phenomenal attraction that anywhere else in the world would be enough to warrant travel to the area, yet this cave is often overshadowed by the even more impressive and awe-inspiring buildings nearby.

This region of Greece has been attracting pilgrims and adventurers for thousands of years and, with the growth of adventure tourism, it’s set to continue providing thrills both spiritual and visceral.


  • Visit the biggest and oldest monastery of all – the Great Meteoron Monastery.

  • Visit the Holy Trinity Monastery – the most difficult to reach, but with a breathtaking panoramic view.

  • See the gigantic rocks and learn about how these monasteries were built.

  • Plan to spend a full day at Meteora. You will delight in the play of light on the rocks and their changing moods.

  • Acquaint yourself with Greek Orthodoxy. It will enhance your appreciation of the churches and monasteries of Meteora and their valuable displays of Byzantine art. There are volunteers at the Church of the Transfiguration who will explain the rich tradition of Byzantine iconography.

  • Discover peace and harmony in a place that once supported man on his eternal struggle for spiritual elevation

meteora tour thessaloniki meteora transfer thessaloniki to kalambaka

Send us your request via our contact form and will get back to you right away with our offer.

Mount Olympus Hiking

Mount Olympus Hiking: Visit the Pantheon of the Ancient Greek Gods

Olympus Mountain rises to 2,918 meters (9,573 ft), which makes it the highest Greek mountain and the second highest in the Balkans. It is worldwide known for its natural beauties and the mythology that follows it since the Ancient Greek times. With its rich ecosystem, Mount Olympus declared national park in 1938.

Located 416 kilometers (258 miles) from Athens but just 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Thessaloniki, Mount Olympus hiking is a unique experience for both skilled and novice hikers. A wide network of trails gives to its visitors the chance to explore it from different sides. Furthermore, there are enough shelters where one can rest or stay overnight, to lengthen even more the experience.

Ideal for the lovers of alternative activities, ranging from hiking to paragliding, canyoning, rafting, climbing, mountain-biking and jeep safari. But you don’t have to go extreme to have your personal Olympian moments. Mountaineering on Olympus is not only a divine experience but also an alternative option that covers all levels of difficulty and stamina.

mount olympus hiking

Mount Olympus Hiking: How to do it

If you want to climb the mountain in one day, then you will probably need about 12 hours for the ascent and the descent, depending on your fitness condition and the preferable pace. Or you can do it in two days, spending the night at a shelter. Either way, the climb requires an early start (certainly pre-8am) for the at least 3 hours ascent to Mytikas, the highest peak, so it’s best to stay overnight at one of the shelters. The nights at the shelters are fantastic: a log fire blazes, you watch the sun set on the peaks and dawn break over the Aegean, and you can usually see a multitude of stars.mount olympus hiking

We can organize a memorable experience for you, offering you all you need:

  • Transfer from your hotel or accommodation to Prionia (trailhead)
  • A mountain expert who will guide you from Prionia to the summit, and back
  • Transfer from Prionia to your hotel or accommodation

* Keep in mind, that the guide will plan the route according to your needs and pace. Also, you will be provided with the required equipment, in case of an assistance is needed. Prior to the trip, we will send you all the necessary details and tips, regarding the proper clothing and snacks you need to take with you.

Prices for Mount Olympus Hiking start from 350€. If you are interested, please contact us.

mount olympus hiking climb

Private Transfers

Thessaloniki Private Transfer Services – Private transfer means you can book a whole vehicle with a driver, in order to take you directly to your destination without any detours or stops along the way. This kind of transportation is always the best choice, while allows you to start and to end your vacation without any stressful concerns. It’s time to give others the opportunity to take care of you!

If you are travelling alone or with family, a private transfer can offer you a customized service and the advantage that only you and those in your party are in the vehicle. There is no need to search for a taxi or a public transportation, since you have the opportunity to pre-book this convenience. As soon as you make the booking, everything will be arranged. Our driver will be waiting at the arrivals hall, ready to serve you and in case that your flight is delayed, don’t worry – we will wait for you to arrive! When the time to leave your hotel or accommodation (because even the longest vacation has to come to an end!) will come, then we will collect you and take you to the airport in a same relaxed way.thessaloniki airport transfers

How to Book a Thessaloniki Private Transfer

Book easily a Thessaloniki private transfer service at Just select a destination, pick a car and get a reasonably-priced transfer. With our transfer services you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get to your hotel from the airport. We can provide you with safe and spacious vehicles and with the possibility to choose your own comfort. A party with up to three individuals will be served with a car and a party of four to six people, with a minivan.

It is very easy to book a private transfer. Before you leave on your trip, you can book your transfer at and promptly you will receive an email with your confirmation and transfer voucher. Choose your pick-up date and time, arrival airport or address and drop-off point, then select the vehicle. To finalize your booking you need to enter your personal and contact details. That’s it! Your private transfer booking is complete! No need to pre-pay, you can do that directly to our driver, upon the completion of the transfer.

Here at we want to leave you with the best impressions and we aim to do so!

Thessaloniki City Tour

Thessaloniki City Tour: a city to remember

thessaloniki city tour transfer taxi service thessaloniki city tours

Thessaloniki – the Greek co-capital with a unique geography. A bridge where not only the East and the West, the past and present, but also the antiquity and the modern meet.

Located in the far north of the country, it has been for over 2,000 years a melting pot of cultures. The variety that one can enjoy in the city is really fascinating. Thessaloniki, which is known for its museums, churches, mosques, marketplaces and natural beauties, makes its guests feel that it was and still is one of the most significant cities in Greece. Important monuments like the ancient Roman Agora or the Arch of Galerius give away the rich history of Thessaloniki. Visit the Rotunda, the oldest monument with the city’s only minaret. Once a Roman Mausoleum, a Christian church and later a mosque, Rotunda gives to its guests a retrospective view of the longstanding history of Thessaloniki. “The Nymph of the North”, as the locals often call the city, has its own landmark. A 15th century fortification and nowadays an exhibition space of the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, the White Tower is located on the city’s promenade and it is also a beloved meeting spot for the Thessalonians.

thessaloniki city tour thessaloniki city tours

Greece’s thriving second city is fueled by optimism and hedonism. A walk in the center will make you feel immediately the hip vibe that flows everywhere.

thessaloniki city tour thessaloniki city tours

Additionally, the huge influence from other cultures, such as Byzantine, Ottoman, Jewish and western European, gave fair to Thessaloniki the title of Greece’s culinary capital. This is reflected in the blend of spicy Eastern, French, Balkan and Mediterranean flavors of its cuisine, and in its cosmopolitan vibe. Amazing sea-food, traditionally cooked dishes and unique sweets will leave you inexpressible emotions and put Thessaloniki in your mind as one of the most impressive destinations.

Must See Attractions in Thessaloniki:

  • The White Tower and the new city’s promenade
  • Thessaloniki Acropolis and Eptapyrgio
  • Rotunda and the Arch of Galerius
  • The Ancient Roman Agora and the Saint Demetrios’ Basilica
  • Church of Hagia Sofia
  • The Byzantine museum and the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki
  • Upper old town: Old Byzantine churches and Ottoman Hammam Baths
  • Food and Spices market and flea market Bit Bazar
  • Ladadika – City’s gastronomic center
  • Valaoritou street – Vibrant nightlife quarter

Book a Thessaloniki city tour and enjoy the activities that we offer:

  • Well-organised tours, where you follow some of the most historical routes of the city: the Ottoman route, the early Christian and Byzantine route, the Jewish route and the UNESCO monuments route

  • Walking tours, where you blend in with the local lifestyle and culture

  • Cooking workshops, where you cook and taste some of the most famous and traditional Greek dishes

thessaloniki city tour thessaloniki city tours

Book your Thessaloniki City Tour and discover all the hidden gems of Thessaloniki!

Vergina-Pella Tour

Vergina Pella Day Tour: Following the steps of Alexander the Great – 
Take the Vergina Pella Tour and visit the former royal capital of the Macedonian dynasty. Participate in an excursion to Alexander the Great’s birthplace. About 50 km southwest of Pella is located the royal burial site of Vergina. There lies King Philip II’s tomb – Alexander’s father. Additionally, you will get the chance to visit the School of Aristotle in Naoussa, the place where Aristotle taught Alexander, just 30 km away from Vergina.

vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxi

vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxiWith a transfer from Thessaloniki airport, city or any location in Halkidiki, it’s possible to see all sites in a single day trip. Explore the place where Alexander the Great grew up and got prepared for his great campaigns.

Vergina Pella Day Tour Highlights:

  • Alexander the Great’s birthplace – Archaeological Site of Pella
  • Archaeological Museum of Pella
  • Vergina Royal Tombs Museum – King Philip’s Tomb
  • School of Aristotle

Book your Vergina Pella Day Tour with and meet the once great dynasty of Macedonia!

vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxi

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tour: Discover the Wine Roads of Northern Greece

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

Visit some of the most renowned and celebrated wineries, to taste remarkable wines right where they are produced. Get the chance to meet the people who make them. This wine tasting tour aims to bring you closer to the Greek viticulture.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip along the Wine Roads of Northern Greece. Explore the natural beauty of the region, from archaeological sites, churches, monasteries and museums to traditional wineries, restaurants and taverns. Local gourmets and specialities will amaze you with their simple and unique taste.

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

Book a wine tour and travel to the selected routes, which pass through the most picturesque areas and wineries! You will visit the most distinct estates and taste some of the most flavourful Greek wine varieties!

A trip along the wine roads is full of great experiences, but it’s also flexible. Design your own itinerary and pace. Savor culture, history and culinary delights anywhere and everywhere along the way.

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

Suggested routes of the Wine Tour:

  • The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods (Mount Olympus)

  • The Wine Route of Naoussa

  • The Wine Route of Dionysus (Kavala)

  • The Wine Route of Epirus

  • The Wine Route of the Lakes

  • The Wine Route of Thessaloniki

  • The Wine Route of Chalkidiki

  • The Wine Route of Pella – Goumenissa

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

The unique Wine Museum and Estate Gerovassiliou

Visit the one of a kind Gerovassiliou Wine Museum in Epanomi, just a few minutes drive from Thessaloniki city or the airport. More than 2600 exhibits will amaze you, including rare and unique pieces dating back to the 18th century, true symbols of the technological advances, high aesthetics and social structures of the era. For those who are already acquainted with the Greek viticulture and those who want to learn more, this museum is not to be missed.

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

wine tasting tour wine tour greece

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