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From ancient times till today, Greece has been renowned for its people, culture and hospitality. One can always expect a lavish and warm welcome here.

This country is a place of beauty. Small picturesque lagoons are surrounded by pine covered mountains and olive groves. Poly-chrome blue waters of Aegean and Ionian Sea host more than 2000 islands. Numerous ancient monuments stand there proudly. All these and many more are waiting for you to discover them.

Holidays in Greece are always affordable, safe and full of memories! Every season has its own charm, so Greece is easily identified as a year-round destination, with its mild climate and numerous activities and sightseeing options. As nowadays became easily accessible from almost all over the world, it’s easier than ever to visit the “birthplace of western civilization”. 26 international airports and over 20 international ports make Greece the ideal destination to experience the genuine Mediterranean taste. Check the destinations and book your Thessaloniki airport transfer with no prepayment at the best prices!

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