Vergina-Pella Tour

vergina pella day tour vergina pella tour

Vergina Pella Day Tour: Following the steps of Alexander the Great – 
Take the Vergina Pella Tour and visit the former royal capital of the Macedonian dynasty. Participate in an excursion to Alexander the Great’s birthplace. About 50 km southwest of Pella is located the royal burial site of Vergina. There lies King Philip II’s tomb – Alexander’s father. Additionally, you will get the chance to visit the School of Aristotle in Naoussa, the place where Aristotle taught Alexander, just 30 km away from Vergina.

vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxi

vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxiWith a transfer from Thessaloniki airport, city or any location in Halkidiki, it’s possible to see all sites in a single day trip. Explore the place where Alexander the Great grew up and got prepared for his great campaigns.

Vergina Pella Day Tour Highlights:

  • Alexander the Great’s birthplace – Archaeological Site of Pella
  • Archaeological Museum of Pella
  • Vergina Royal Tombs Museum – King Philip’s Tomb
  • School of Aristotle

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vergina pella tour thessaloniki airport chalkidiki taxi