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Halkidiki Day Tour: This tour is going to show you the birthplace of Aristotle in ancient Stagira, one of the most important philosophers in antiquity. Ancient Stagira is located in Halkidiki on a lonely bluff jutting out into the Aegean. You’ll find impressive ruins of the walls of ancient Stagira. You’ll also see the fortification wall – really quite impressive, some foundations of classical houses, the Agora, a citadel and the tower remains with its mosaic floor. Halkidiki day tour can offer you a refreshing trip that can be done with the whole family and they will love you for it.

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Halkidiki Day Tour: Sights to Visit

The Aristotle’s Park

A unique theme park in Halkidiki, located in the historical village of Stagira. The wonderful location is at an altitude of about 500 meters and it has a great view to the gulf of Ierissos. The statue of Aristotle was made in the honor of the great philosopher who was born in Ancient Stagira. Also, one can find some interesting instruments placed in front of the statue of Aristotle and around the park, like compass, telescope, prism, sun clock, water turbine, lens, pentaphone and more. Some of them have symbolic meaning and some other are there to give a playful perspective to the area. The compass, for example, symbolizes that Aristotle’s philosophy has reached every part of the world, and is a starting point of modern scientific thought, and belongs to humanity. It displays the direction and distance of the most famous cities in the world, in relation to the park. The telescope is placed in specific spots, in order the visitor to enjoy the fantastic view to the Ierissos gulf. It is definitely a worth visiting location.

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Petralona Cave: Findings of a primitive man

Next you can visit the prehistoric Petralona cave, where you can see beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The big size of the cave, as well as the beauty in it, will definitely amaze you. The most important though is the findings of a primitive man, which are exhibited at the Paleontological Museum, located only a few steps away from the cave.

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Zygou Monastery

Zygou Monastery is located just outside the limits of Mount Athos, in Fragoskastro. A very old Athonite monastery which was founded in the early 10th century and was destroyed just before 1198. Many findings from the excavations are still very well preserved and displayed to the public. The most important findings are a Mosaic floor, marble of excellent craftsmanship, an oil mill complex, three lead seals of the 11th century, book shutters, bronze medals, knives, coins and some other small findings, all a good example of Byzantine architecture and culture.

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